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About Burt

Burt Jessop is a Clairvoyant Mentor, Author, and Spiritual Teacher.  He often hears revelatory information from the Universe via his Inner Voice and sees their meaning in Vision as well.

He has the ability to hear a client’s belief systems, issues, and fears directly from the sub-conscious part of themselves.  He can also communicate with a person’s Soul (Higher Self), and their True Self (God Within).  He can directly see a client’s Past Life memories, Genetic memories, and their early childhood memories to gently assist them in releasing trauma, belief systems, limiting belief patterns, issues, and fears that keep them from moving forward productively and successfully.  This work provides a structured methodology to assist a person in having a Happier and Better Life for themselves.

After seeing hundreds of clients over a 22 year period, Burt is no longer seeing or assisting a general clientele any longer.  He has turned his attention to development of a school curriculum to teach a way of life that he has formulated from the Visions he has received and the communications that he has received from contact with Advanced Beings from the Telos, Orion, Andromeda,  and Plieadian civilizations.   He has come at this time to teach:  “The Way” !

Burt’s school is called the: “Messianic Mystery School”…
Burt believes that in his past lives, he was Hermes, Enoch, Lao Tzu, Merlin, King Solomon, Nickola Tesla, and Wallace Wattles; and he believes that he has come back at this time to restore much of the lost truth to mankind, and free people from ignorance and denial.

Burt is also in the process of writing several books about his discoveries and “The Way” of living life that fulfills your highest direction..

Burt mentors and teaches a small group of 12 high net-worth individuals that have one year contracts with him.  He also provides an exclusive premium service to one high net worth individual each year to have unlimited access to him and his guidance on a 12 hour/day basis, 7 days a week.  For Expressions of Interest in this service and being placed on a waiting list, feel free to contact Burt using the above Contact Form (other tab above).  Individual sessions (without a yearly contract) are priced at $300 per hour.

In addition to individual clients, Burt also occasionally provides psychic introspection for business productivity or improvement in a business’ marketing reach by improving a business organizations’ process flow and internal human relationships generally.  Burt can psychically feel and sense the flow of energy in numerous business enterprises, and can significantly improve their profits and net cash flow.

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More Detailed Summary of Burt’s Background:

Burt graduated with an Engineering degree from Montana State University (U.S.A.) in 1977.
He worked for UNISYS Corporation for 24 years as a Computer Consultant and as an IT Project Manager.

In 1982 he had symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity which lead him to seek various alternative healing processes after conventional medical assistance was of no benefit to him.  After searching for answers to his questions for many years, he found a process using kinesiology (muscle) testing to get bio-feedback directly from the Body. He received many sessions using this new-found process called One Brain, and in 1991 he became certified as one of their Facilitators.


In 1998 he started communication with Plieadian Advanced Beings that informed him that he was one of them, and that he came here to experience life under human conditions and then assist with the Reconciliation of Man to Oneness as he taught “The Way” again.


In August of 2004 he had a full Kundalini Rising experience.

In March of 2012 Burt entered a continual state of Nirvana or “Complete Stillness”… He has been experiencing “Sacred Bliss”  since this time.

In January 2013 an inner Vortex opened at Burt’s Crown Chakra, and then his Star Tetrahedral (Merkaba) formed internally and was activated.  A few days later he crossed the “Boundary to Nirvana” and remains in a continual State of Bliss.