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Harmonic Ascension of Earth

The uncomfortable sensations or heat you are experience as you meditate and shift during this time of trans-mutational change is that process that transforms you from being a carbon based Human into a pure, light-filled, even more dense crystalline being.   We become refined, cleaned out and purified like refined gold under the heat of molten fire. The blockages and blocks that are resolved within you provide openings within the bodies and may manifest as slight itches, sudden sharp pains, or as flashes of intense heat.  Being uncomfortable can likely be seen as signs and evidence for significant transmutation. The energies of the Planet Earth are significantly increasing to higher and higher frequencies every year, especially since 1987 when the Harmonic Convergence took place in August of that year.

The Earth has just passed through its own portal and started its Ascension on 28 October 2012.   This Ascension process will take 13 years for the Earth to complete.  Many Earth Changes will take place during this time period, and many changes will significantly affect the coastal areas worldwide. The transformational energies for individuals has also increased during this time.  This can be measured using the Spiritual Frequency Scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins by using muscle-testing.  He discusses this at length in his book:  Force vs. Power.

The Earth is rising in vibration.  It is best to just flow with the transformational process that is unfolding on Earth at this time, and let the waves of vibrational frequency carry you higher and higher in your progression.  Continue in a state of Love and Joy as you move forward.  Be grateful for all that is unfolding to you, and for what you are learning and becoming.

We are all meant to become Crystalline Beings.  Many of us will reach this goal soon.  Others will be left behind as the Earth continues its Ascension, and as the Present Earth re-births into a New Celestial Earth.

These observations are based upon my latest Visions and what my Inner Voice has told me.

Author: Burt Jessop

3 December 2012

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