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Sex: What does Love have to do with it?

Over the course of the last several years, I have had the opportunity to visit with Light Beings from advanced civilizations, some on this planet and some from other planets. The more common civilizations that I have visited with are the Telos people from our planet, and the Pleiadians from the Orion constellation. These Advanced Beings have shared some useful information about sexual relationships that was later confirmed by my own Inner Voice.

When I was exploring the topic of relationships, love, and sex a few years back, my Inner Voice said this:

“The minimum requirement for Love to exist in a relationship is to have a contractual commitment of at least three years.”

 “A contractual commitment of at least three years must exist before a sexual relationship is initiated.”

 “Without a contractual commitment, Love cannot exist; and Guilt and Grief will prevail where Love does not exist in a sexual relationship.”

 “Only within a contractual relationship (like marriage) can Love exist and be fulfilled fully during sex.”

In other advanced civilizations, the woman always chooses the man in a relationship. The man can only agree or disagree about whether or not to accept her into a relationship with him. Any sexual relationship is always expected to be upheld by a contractual commitment (oral or written) for a period of at least 3 years. During this period of 3 years or longer, the man cannot terminate the relationship or send the woman away. It is only the woman’s choice to leave or not, but the woman cannot enter into another sexual relationship with another man until this 3 year contract has run its course. If a woman enters into another sexual relationship (during this 3 year period) with a different man than she originally contractually committed to, then energy builds within the woman that will slow or keep money from coming to her. This could out-picture as a loss of a good job, major new expenses, or lost opportunity. For lack of a better name, I will call this energy Money-Rejection Energy. If a woman gets this Money-Rejection Energy then she can contaminate a new sexual partner with it or her original sexual partner that she had a contract with if she goes back to him after being with a second sexual partner within the 3 year period.

If the woman leaves a sexual relationship, then it is best for her not to return to her previous sexual partner after being with someone new because this would contaminate her original partner with the Money-Rejection Energy also. If a woman has fulfilled her contractual commitment by being with her original partner for at least three years, then she is free at any time after that to enter into a new contractual relationship with a new man that she feels will satisfy her needs to progress fully in the directions that she desires to go while being immersed in an environment full of Love and Fulfillment. This is what a relationship is meant to be. Sometimes there are more benefits and freedoms to having a contract than avoiding one. I believe that the order by which relationships exist in Advanced Societies, of those I have encountered, have useful knowledge that can help and benefit societies and people on Earth as well. The Universe always has an Order and Reason for All That Is.

Burt Jessop
22 August 2010


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