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Sex Can Be Dangerous

Often times when I see a new client, I find a hodge-podge of many energies that bog that person down and mix them up. They can’t seem to get ahead in life, and they often don’t even know where they are going. These energies can ruin future relationships or affect a person’s ability to earn a living or run their businesses. These energies within them often translate to what we call Beliefs, Fears, Issues, Blockages and many other similar things. The way that we get these energies other than thinking about a subject and focusing on it, is from external sources like associates, friends, parents, and those we have sex with.

We can pick up the energies of others simply by being in another person’s environment for a significant period of time. Therefore it is important who we choose to spend our time with. Choose carefully as though your life depends on it. It truly does.

The most common way that people pick up negative energies is from those individuals that they have sex with. This affect can be seen when an intuitive person has their 3rd Eye Chakra open and developed well.

When we have sex with a person, energetic tentacles reach out and embrace our partner while interconnecting with them. From one sexual encounter with someone, these tentacles could continue to exist energetically for up to 4 or 6 years later. Along this energetic conduit, much information and energies are passed from one person to another that could stay with them for the remainder of their life and affect them in different ways. In some ways this could be a good thing. One can have empathy and understand the other person better because of this interchange, and of course good energies can be passed to another person also.

But after assisting literally hundreds of clients, over 20 years to have a better life, it usually comes up in some way or another that they have picked up negative energies from a chance or planned sexual encounter that still affects their life negatively in some way. These energies show up as memories, beliefs, fears, and much more that are limiting or negative in the other person’s life, and it holds them back from moving forward with power in their lives. Some people feel the loss of virtue or purity when they have sex with another. What they are really most likely feeling is the negative impact that the sexual act has had on their energetic and spiritual nature.

When we have sex in a contractual, long-term relationship, then love can flourish and we are making a commitment to bond to the other person as we unselfishly perfect each other. A sexual relationship requires a minimum of 3 years before the obvious physical evidence of this interchange of energies has taken place and the energies can be identified and released that are no longer desired. The first physical evidence of these new, resident energies existing in a person will be noticed after approximately 18 months after sexual contact with another person. It will then take, at a minimum, at least 18 more months to get rid of what is not desired of these stray or unwanted energies if an intuitive person is skilled in finding, resolving, and releasing them from an individual or a couple. These energies would be most likely identified intuitively, and then confirmed individually by muscle-testing before resolving and releasing them.

If a sexual relationship is not founded on a commitment to care for each other for a period of longer than 3 years, then my advice would be to not have sex in the first place. It is that important.

The largest amount of individual growth in a relationship comes from viewing each other in the context that our partner has become us, and they are simply a mirror to us of our own issues, patterns, beliefs, and fears. As we see their faults, we can better see our own faults and release and resolve them more easily. When we have sex with another, we truly do become One with them in a multitude of ways. This is the true purpose of the Marriage Relationship… our continual growth to perfection and developing a God nature. And sex is an important and Godly part of that if done in the correct context.

Burt Jessop

24 October 2009


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