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Pre-Conditioning Life for Your Benefit

Life is meant to be lived victoriously.  This result requires careful planning.  You would not live your life on  sailboat without planning to take adequate food and water would you?  Therefore, In the same way, you cannot move toward your intended destination without adequate preparations.

Take for example the case of a man journeying to a far country.  He would not travel without adequate money, food, water, and clothing.  He would have to know what to eat at each stop along the way and where he would stop to rest and eat every day.  He would need a plan to make it to where he was going.  The Plan would be those detail steps in his life to get from where he is to where he desires to travel.  It often includes an itinerary of the steps along the way and what will be eaten or accomplished at each resting point.

Often people go through life with a certain amount of naivety about what to expect in specific situations.  People often walk into situations with little knowledge of what the next step to take is.  Yet thousands of books have been written about almost every conceivable subject.  The opportunity to learn and prepare is simply often not taken.  It is all taken for granted too often.

You can consciously choose the path that you will take, and then move into the Future aggressively.  But yes, do plan the detail steps that you must take, and then take massive action.  Where does all of this energy come from that is needed to move forward massively?  It is actually sexual energy. It is the same energy that charges a person with charisma and enthusiasm for life.   It is the lifeline to innovation and growth. It is the energetic new spark between a man and woman in love.

Your thoughts stage your Intentions. In the Astral World, where dreams take place, (and occasionally Astral Travel) your thoughts are real, but to examine them they would seem like a swirl of random colors and sounds with little temporal meaning.  They are swirls of energy in movement objectifying thought from the Spiritual Realms (Dimension 4 and higher).  Yes, thoughts give creation to our intentions, and our intentions are the
first Physical evidence of objectified thought. 

Creative Visioning is the process by which the innate ability to create what we Vision is made manifest triumphantly.  Visioning is an ability that is opened up in humans to manifest what they desire.  My Voice recently said: “The Settlement of Objectivity exists when purity unfolds beautifully in rapture to materialize more beauty unfolded.” In other words, “Beauty is the Key to Manifestation.”

The process by which this works is twofold.  Once the Vision is understood in great detail, the objective understanding is released to Universal Control for absolvement.  Then more beauty is unfolded as rapture releases all piety and remorse for false action, and then in-tune with Nature, more Beauty unfolds triumphantly.

What you choose in life can be negative or positive.  Again, the choice is yours, for your life, to choose as you wish.  Your life is a giant mural to paint with as you please.  It is simply a matter of choice.  Yes, your Choice and no one else’s.  What you choose is what you intend and it becomes your Physical Reality in the Physical World over time.  Time is a projection that only exists in the Physical World.  Time and Space are grounded in the Physical World and there is no tangible counterpart in the Spiritual World.  In fact the Spiritual World gets its Time-Space reference by being grounded to (or connected to) the Physical Plane, but no reference exists directly in that world.

Beauty is of paramount importance in manifesting and materializing Physical Beauty in the Physical Realm.  Beauty originates only in the Spiritual Realm, and outwardly manifest a counterpart reflection into the Physical World.

Creation does not exist in the Present.  In fact nothing exists in the Present, for the Present is but a fleeting moment that is momentarily glimpsed between the Past and the Future.  All Power is in the Future.  We Create in the Future and then move into the Future Powerfully to directly receive what we have created for our own use.

The vibrations that we hold in our energy field are permeable and fluid, ever changing and metamorphic.  The energies are like a kaleidoscope of many colors and various hues of the rainbow waiting to evolve into our next experience or actionable activity.  The colors within our energetic aura are the evolvement of random progression as the ascending musical scales of harmony existing in Nature, creating rapture without thought or significant action.

Your Focus in life determines your outcome.  Therefore it is obvious, Think Positively always.  Always and constantly expect the better outcome among all possibilities before you.  Again, the choice is yours.  Think continually on the good and pure things of life, expecting the best in all that you do.. and what others do also.

Every thought that you think is energetically recorded in the Spiritual World.  All of these (Spiritual) thoughts have a constant propensity to reproduce themselves into more and more dense vibrational existence until, over time, they propagate into Physical Form in the Physical World.  Propagated Matter exists by virtue of Divine Intelligence, and nothing else can sway its intended manifestation except Divine Will. 

A statement must be written down, and then spoken verbally with Power to align the energies existent within the Body. This in turn creates Manifested Action into the intended Spheres of Intelligence and Creation and will be immortalized forever in Physical Matter. 

Denseness of Matter immortalizes all existence.  Thinking may create the structure in the Spiritual World, but it must be written down in the Physical World to start the Physical Manifestation and Materialization process.  Speaking adds Clarity and Power to the creation desired.  Sexual Energy must exist to ignite the Creation Process in the Physical World. Be careful of what you think about and speak about.

Every thought that you think consciously or below the conscious level of consciousness affects your created reality.  Consciously choose every thought consistently for your good and pure pleasure.  Become fully conscious of who you are.  Know yourself…And then “To Your Own Self Be True.”

You must remove every thought, action, feeling, belief, and unresolved issue that distracts you from each and every goal of which you desire; and in turn activate all good ability, power, and action in you for your full conscious evolvement to be your best that is possible each day.

Failure to plan positively and choose well your course of actions each day will result in the unexpected empowerment of that which is still unevolved and less than conscious within you.  This means a negative outcome is the sure result of improper and unplanned positive thinking.  Get your life in order … Do it all right more and more of the time.

Synchronicities exist at junctures within the Universal Fabric of all Consciousness for careful examination and reflection of where we are in our eternal progression.  Messages from the Universe  appear randomly to educate us to the real Truth and Reason for our existence. Over time we can fully activate our total Conscious Understanding to how our Choices affect all Spiritual and Physical parts of each of us collectively and individually

When you are on the track of Real Truth, the Universe aligns you to correct unfoldment of all of your desires and manifests your desires correspondingly.  You are then simply in the right place at the right time, and the Universe actually encourages you to further correct action.

Take time to examine your thoughts each day, every day early in the morning as you start to awaken.  Consciously choose and Vision to yourself what your day will bring to you triumphantly.  Do this again, for your next day, as you fall to sleep each night.  As you sleep, you are giving the spiritual part of your existence something to process while your Physical Body rests from daily activity each night.

If you happen to have a negative thought, just release it and let it go.  Remember, each thought is only energy.  If you wrestle with it and tangle with it and try to make yourself feel bad about it being there to begin with, it will only grip onto you stronger and more securely.  Simply breath and let it go.  You don’t need that thought any more.  Sometimes you just have to let old friends go that are no longer good for you anymore.  That’s right.. Just let it Go.

Author: Burt Jessop

23 October 2009

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