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Past Lives. Are They Real?

Recently, I had a client in my office that wished to explore and resolve some negative feeling that he had with a previous employee that he had worked with. Although both men were directors at their former company, there were still many unresolved issues between these two grown men. For two years, this client had tried to resolve and understand the behavior of this other director, but had little success with this during his many hours of self-reflection.

On the surface, it appeared that this client was not accepting the other person’s actions in a positive way. As we explored this issue further, my Inner Voice revealed that the real truth was that he was not accepting himself fully. The Root Cause of this came from several beliefs that were created from a negative experience during a previous past life. In that past life, I saw (by my 3rd Eye) a Vision of his past life where he was the Roman soldier that actually nailed Jesus Christ upon a cross to be crucified. I then verified this information by using muscle-testing to confirm this truth. That seems like a pretty heavy burden from a past life to carry. The experience of this situation caused him to create a belief system within himself of: “I killed an innocent man” and “I kill innocent men” and “I can never resolve all of my sins that are upon me.” This belief system kept him from seeing and experiencing himself at peace, and unable to resolve acts of duplicity and dishonesty in others. We released this and he is doing better now.

With another client, a few months ago, We were searching for the answer about why this client was not fully activating a specific paranormal ability that I was helping him to activate. Again a new experience opened up to me. I was ushered away in a semi-trance to a rocky, snow-covered mountainous outcropping in Tibet. He had been a Tibetan monk from the time of 1340 AD. In that specific case, I actually bi-located into the person’s past life time-frame and held a discussion with him (in that life time) about how that past life was affecting his current life time abilities. The information gained was beneficial in assisting my client to gain further progress.

The Visions that I experience and the knowledge gained from them are obviously not direct evidence for the existence of Past lives. But in each case of the experience is another quality called KNOWINGNESS that exists. We can all develop that faculty calling Knowingness, and we can all learn to test for the truth in all situations by using muscle-testing. You may say that I am over-rating the muscle-testing, but it is actually the only physical way that you can test for the existence or lack of truth in any situation or from what a person is saying or experiencing. Your comments are appreciated.

Burt Jessop

25 October 2009

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