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Past Lives. Are They Real?

Recently, I had a client in my office that wished to explore and resolve some negative feeling that he had with a previous employee that he had worked with. Although both men were directors at their former company, there were still many unresolved issues between these two grown men. For two years, this client had [...]

Sex Can Be Dangerous

Often times when I see a new client, I find a hodge-podge of many energies that bog that person down and mix them up. They can’t seem to get ahead in life, and they often don’t even know where they are going. These energies can ruin future relationships or affect a person’s ability to earn [...]

Pre-Conditioning Life for Your Benefit

Life is meant to be lived victoriously. This result requires careful planning. You would not live your life on sailboat without planning to take adequate food and water would you? Therefore, In the same way, you cannot move toward your intended destination without adequate preparations.

Take for example the case of a man journeying [...]