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Brave New World

How would it be in our world today if all government workers were actually “Servants of the People”? Thomas Jefferson exposed that idea often.  Was it he or someone else that said, “that Power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”  What if we had politicians that actually told the truth more often than they told lies?  Is this too much to ask?  … An honest government to serve  “The People” ?

It all starts from the idea of electing and sustaining righteous men and women to serve The People valiantly. How do we know who is telling the truth when we elect them, and how can we know which political leaders are only self-serving?  It is a simple answer.  We can know the TRUTH by Being the Truth ourselves.  You see, the more we tell the truth, the less that we can be lied to.  It is a natural law.  When we tell the Truth more and more often, then the Intelligence and Faculty of the Truth flows through us mightily and with great power… otherwise we lay in wait to deceive and be deceived.  But lets get even more practical….

We can know the truth another way also.  Did you know that Dr. David Hawkins statistically verified a 98.6 % correlation (with over 1000 testers) of using muscle-testing to verify the TRUTH?  In other words, the truth is not relative.  It is absolute.  In other words, the percentage of TRUTH in a book, or a PERSON can be verified by learning to muscle-test how much truth exists in a person, a book, a product, or a press release.  You can muscle-test to find out if your favorite political candidate or friend tells the truth 3% of the time or 82% of the time.  This will suddenly clear up a lot of mystery in life, … and hopefully bring you more out of denial.  “We paint our own misery or beauty in this life.”

Author:  Burt Jessop

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  • Yes, to use the Spiritual Frequency Scale when muscle-testing, just test for a range of numbers… by asking: “It is greater than 60%, 70%, 80%,etc.”

  • Chas

    To figure out these percentages, do we just ask, greater than 50%, greater than 60%, etc.? Is there a better/quicker way?

  • Hello Burt,

    Yup, I did it, I wrote something about you in my Recommendations page.
    And I also finally made my Blog visible in the search engines…

    Have great day, Fonz

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